Three Years Of Domestic Equity Fund Flows In One Chart


Investment Company Institute
The Institute was established in 1940 in New York as the National Committee of Investment Companies. It became the National Association of Investment Companies in 1941. In 1940, Institute members included 68 mutual funds and 43 closed-end funds, and assets for the fund industry totaled $2.1 billion. The NAIC instituted its first public information program in 1943, published its first annual statistical summary (which evolved into the Investment Company Fact Book) in 1958, and held its first General Membership Meeting in 1959. NAIC changed its name to the Investment Company Institute in 1961, the year that underwriters and advisers of mutual funds became eligible for membership. In 1970, ICI relocated to Washington, DC. Unit investment trusts were welcomed as Institute members in 1985.


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